if you came to insult me, there's a website you can go to.


i can't take it anymoreeeeeee. charles bass, you are TOO MUCH.
way too hot.
wayyy too sexy.
stop yourself.

sidenote, i reallly reallllly do NOT want to be envious of the lingerie of a teenager (this seems vaguely WRONG on many levz) but fuck, BLAIR, yr shiz is dopeshow.

the more i say CHUCK BASS, though, (and um..i say it a lot?) the more i think that it seems so insanely unlikely that a dude like him would want to be called CHUCK and not CHARLES. ya know what i mean?

dan is so boring. serena is a marble mouth.
i think my sister called it when she said the humphreys are the walsh family (brandon brenda 90210 redux) because chili night, scattergories and "i'll get the ice cream!" is sooooo aaron spelling's idea of midwestern fam valz.

next week: little J's hideous new ROCKER LOOK comes in to play and the episode is called "pret-a-poor-j". that is the cringe-iest pun i have ever heard in my fucking life. and I LOVE PUNZ.


Jessie said...

I always have to laugh so hard when it comes to you and chuck ;)

besides, it took me some time but i guess i absoluteley fell in love with him. his vooooice.. god damn.

Leah said...

i *live* for your GG recaps.

T-Bonz said...

fuck dude, like Meatloaf said you took the words right outta my mouth - "i'll get the ice cream" is SIGNATURE Walsh. I love that you and have that sister sister psychic connection. I want to be Tia, though. You can me Tamara.

Meaghan said...

jenny's hair! and that eye makeup!
like for real, she's fifteen and it's terrible. AND! why is she mouthin off to blair waldorf's mother. I would fire her just for those bangs. They are everywhere.

Tess said...

god chuck is sexy i dont care what he wears / says / does / doesn't do. he's quality.
i'm so sad i don't get GG as i'm in travelling-around-the-world mode so thank you for the updates!

zui said...

dan is boring??no waaay
he is so omg

makemoremistakes said...

AGH THIS LAST EPISODE=ME DYING OVER CHARLES BASS. I love him. I just love him. There is no more to it, other than my undying passionate love of Chuck Bass.

geri hirsch said...

hahahah. couldnt agree more on the lingerie and the name "charles."

was it just me or was that episode as ADD as the snl line up?

erin said...

"you had me until 'troll'"... gaaaaaah i love him.

aisha said...

your GG recaps are insane.. i love them..

i thought i was the only one who could love charles so damn much... but you have surely proven me wrong

essay writing said...

I like that you used Chuck Bass as the backdrop for this angsty post. There will always be bashers - especially online. Hiding behind proxies and anonymity. It comes with the territory.

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