"i'm bored. and you ruined my pants"

this was. the best.
GOSSIP. GIRL. EVERRRRRR. seriously. seriously.

1. oh, um. hi.

is it ok to put this picture in a locket?

2. yeah, nopes.

THIS dress was crucial to little j's storyline.
this dress? this one? are you for serious?
this dress wasn't going to do anything to the buyers from barney's except give them a heart attack. or a facial twitch.
this dress is probably at forever 21 right now. there is nothing wrong with that but WE NEED TO GET REAL HERE, PEOPLE.


ooh. marc jacobs! ha


so bad i have no words. really.

5. risd kids all up in our grillz?
(my sister was psyched because she TOO is an alum of this institution)

these glasses have no glass in them (fail) and he seems slighty gay, serena. i don't care if you fake married him at rich kid summer camp when you were 8 and neglected by mommy, he's meh.
doesn't he look like a new character on heroes or something?
and how much money do we want to bet that the girl on the motorcycle was his sister he was giving a ride home to? (how MODERN! a three's company-esque MISUNDERSTANDING storyline! yaay!)

also included in the risd story:

FAUXBRA SNAKE?!? eww! is he 58 years old or what?

the worst part is that i bet this the most accurate scene ever filmed on this show.

6. come. ON.

i would say this is completely outrageous except for the fact that our nate here seems to like an "edgy" gal. vaguely latina friend and her colorful ethnic ensembles, alloy catalogue marquez-loving yalie, and now little J-oan jett. anti-blairs, i suppose? ew, who cares.

7. holee shit


8. omg omg o m f g.

i HAD ACTUAL TEARS IN MY EYES. tears. (i am so lame).

next week:
more of the ugly one and her quest for frock fame.


Ousizch said...

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shannie cakes said...

ive never commented on your blog before but i came straight here after watching this weeks GG and i must say your commentary is exactly what was running through my head as i watched it.

chuck + blair = 4vah

July Stars said...

I'm going to have stop reading your blog ... Big special spoiler alert for me please at the top of any GG related posts. I've just downloaded the entire series 2 and will start watching tonight ... Hyperventilating just at the thought of all the Chuckie goodness in store for me!!!

Steph said...

I missed the last episode and this was the best preview ever!

Have you ever watched Skins? I think you'd really be into it.

Anonymous said...

i discovered your blog one day and i have to say...such a great laugh...espec talking about GG - now i thought the scene with jenny and nate was HOT - but this whole blair chuck saga - COME ON im sick of it already!!

laia. said...

UGH I missed most of it and tuned in when stupid lil J was having her naked photoshoot with creepy dude.

Seriously? I thought she was smarter than that. I guess thats my fault.


Anonymous said...

Totally agree that she was smarter than that...but they did have to set up the scene for the nate hook up right???

Breanne said...

Addendum to #4--

Miss Urbanita said...

Yesterday I talked about GG. Kisses.

Tess said...

OMFG. God i wish I could watch GG I'm dying here and living vicariously through these updates. What was little J thinking with that fringe and hat. I've never seen that look good on anybody I don't care how famous you are. And HOW SKINNY IS SHE???

Ps. This post is pure quality.
I'm subscribing.

Anonymous said...

it really is a fantastic blog - jenny is too skinny...but she's trying to be a fashion model too...in real life...so perhaps the pressures are getting to her?

InnyVinny said...

Does this mean I should be watching this show? Everyone talks about it so much...

erin said...

dang, i wish i'd thought of fauxbrasnake...
also, i heartily agree - your GG recaps are tops!

emily said...

haha. you do the best gossip girl episode revs.
so funny. so accurate.

little j is pissing me off too,
fo sho.

la mode est dans le ciel said...

umm YES !!!

you are completely inside my head. freaky but i kind of love it.

i think i might just come back here every tuesday. ;)

Anonymous said...

Jenny and Nate getting together was in the second book though...

It was bound to happen. And I don't hate her new haircut, I just hate the white blonde of it...?

Meaghan said...

hahaha while i was watching this I was like I wonder what will be on white lightning tomorrow? and you did not dissapoint.

Unknown said...

I have a picture of chuck bass in my locket necklace! hahahaha!

It was THE BEST ep of GG ever!

White Lightning said...

dannnnnnng! ladies love gossip girl recaps!!

you gals are the best, seriously. i aim to please


Anonymous said...

Seriously: lamest dress EVER. That was the best they could do? The B stores would never, ever, ever, ever be even remotely interested. Never. Pink tulle underskirt! NEVER.

J & Nate = weird time.
B & C = HOTT. French knickers!
S & Art boy = to be continued! I thought he was really hot, but the no glass thing was weird - especially as he had them on to read and took them off to talk to her. Double weird.

...and yeah, I was thinking sister too.


I love your GG recaps. You rule.


Hanna said...

I am going to to use "fauxbrasnake" in every day conversation now.

Little J and Nate. All I could think while they were kissing is "8 year age gap in rl! I wonder what the limit for statutory is in NY?"

x said...

THANK YOU! omg I loved the green dress jenny made for the fashion show, but that black and pink one was zzzz city.

Anonymous said...

IAWTC. That dress was way too cheap looking to be that great. And Jenny's hair/makeup = FAIL.

And I happen to like Aaron/Erin? I can't tell, stupid American accents. And I also happen to have glasses with no glass in them. Heh.

Also YAY EARMUFFS! Normally, being Australian, it would never be earmuff weather, but I'm going skiing in Japan in December so I can wear my possum fur earmuffs while skiing. And falling over. And dropping ski poles off chairlifts.

Tricia said...

thought exactly same as hanna when nate was kissing LJ.

makemoremistakes said...

I think I secretly live for your GG recaps. Or not so secretly. You know.

AND I TOTES AGREE ABOUT JENNIE/JENNIE'S HEINOUS DRESS/JENNIE AND NATE. And Chuck and Blair. Forevs. Unless I get to Chuck before she does.

Michelle said...

I haven't got round to watching this yet, but god Jenny pisses me off. Even in screencap form.

Andrew said...

the Jenny & Fauxbra Snake thing is DEAD on... perfectly put

Rachel said...

little js dress was soooooooooo ugly and so was her hair! I love chuck bass so so much!

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