i'm just like you, i never hear the bad news

dear ece, please forgive me. while browsing possible birthday gifts for you i came across THIS BELT and I'M SORRY BUT I AM NOT A NICE ENOUGH PERSON TO HAND IT OVER. i love you though, you know this.

this belt has made my millenium.
alaia-esque with a double side buckle, and a fucking E on it. ohhhh, love.

edit1: nice cross-eyes, loser

i love fall. I LOVE IT. just like i love this vintage fur collar thing that i put over any and every coat/sweater/windbreaker..the less 'girly' the coat the cooler it looks, in my opinion. (aka the only opinion that matters, duh, obvs, et. al.)

EDIT2: these are white tights, NOT my actual skin color. but truthfully, not far off.

ps, to those of you who would like to know what it's like to have the dubious pleasure of being AMICI with me, this is what may happen.
we will go shopping and this may occur:

molly: "um, did you just make me purchase what is essentially an acid washed LEGGING with an exposed thigh lattice? that i had to lay down and have you zip me into?"

me: "UH YES, i DID, and they are AMAZING. you are the next level of legwear. sitting down is OVERRATED."

i mean, come ON. i don't want to hear it. so crazy that they are normal. i swear!


laia. said...

I love the print in that dress and that fur collar is too cool for school.

Unknown said...

i need those lattice jeans in my life!

Breanne said...

these items make *my* millenium.

Tricia said...

that BELT, damn. and i've never seen cooler acid wash.

edgecakez said...

ahhhhhhhhhh! what bo WHATTTTTTTTT????? ok, i guess can understand. i probs wouldn't have given it to you either. just promise to leave it to me in your will, ok? i already am leaving you all my e scarves.

ps....i love that entire outfit and that dress is amazing. you are like an autunmal DREAMSCAPE. i can almost hear the leaves crunching beneath my FEET. haah, i am such a poet.

pps....where's my list?? i only have THREE DAYS

Unknown said...

love the belt. LOVE the jeans.

Meaghan said...

that belt is a BIG DEAL.

Rhiannon said...

The fur collar is the most brilliant idea I've heard all week!

Also, I can't believe your friend bought that Mayle coat. I want to go steal it! Ugh. You need to borrow it for sure, and post a picture here.

Shay said...

I would have kept that belt too.

Anonymous said...

Oooh I made my friend Rachel try those jeans on when I was visiting her in NYC this summer and they are amazing! I would have tried them but my fat would have probably burst through the lattice..not so hot

piƱa said...

That is the most perfect fall outfit! I just want to run and jump on you like a big pile of leaves!!!

Tavi said...

Love the belt dude. E! And the fall leafy dress! Totez appropz. I like your fur thing too, it makes me want to throw away all my principles. I mean, I'm bad at my principles anyways. I'm practically a carnivore and nothing else.

Except for nesquik.

brendan donnelly said...

molly is a navajo teen runaway.

i'm convinced every girl on the internet looks at your blog and comments. congrats cupcake!

ps, my sisters love your blog.

elysia mann said...

i love your photos! that belt IS amazing- i would keep it for myself, also! e initials rock!

White Lightning said...

thank thanks THANKS!

the dress is a superfave that i try to wear as much as possible, a total beacons find from a couple years ago. one of those items that randomaly has lots of memories attached.

fur collar is so GOOD..i recommend it to EVERYONE, just put it on anything, the more 'off' the better- a hooded sweatshirt would be sick, actually.

tavz, i love nesquik too. STRAWBERRY.

also, yes, rhiannon, the coat is EPIC, you would die. i will steal and photograph as soon as i can.

Anonymous said...

WHERE are those jeans from? i must have them!!!...forget about diamond shaped frost bite running down my legs - that's unimportant at the moment.
and that collar is a great idea! i wonder if i can find a faux one...that or getting it from a thrift store is ethically okay...right?

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