indecision 08

contrary to what you may believe, i kind of HATE costumes.
halloween means jack shit to me. possibly because i have no concept of fantasy.
or MAYBE i just LOVE being ME SO MUCH, that is seems ABSURD to be SOMEONE ELSE.

anyways. libras be all up in my grill and this friday will be an epic celebration of DAVID BLACK, THE LADY LOUISE and CEDEZ'S birthdayz and teen dramz costumes are encouraged. on the 90s tip obvs (90210, saved by the bell, etc), but i think you can do what you want.

if i get into the spirit, here's what i am considering:

daria or veronica?
if i'm veronica i can wear a monocle buuuuut if i'm daria i can openly hate everyone.


laia. said...

daria. dudes. totally daria.

ps. im not into halloween either. all my friends think i am weird because of this.

Hazel said...

any excuse to wear a monocle is delicious. be veronica.

Paula said...

I'll un-tie it for you: daria! if you're really cranky and don't want to speak with anyone you can blame it on the character :)

Tavi said...

Wearing a monocle on a regular day just gets stares, openly hating everyone on a regular day gets mean letters and shoved into your locker (which for you would be the office equivalent of missing an awesome T photoshoot). DARIA.

Leti said...

My costume is already in the bag, it is circa 1994. Lets Party

Leti said...

ok, ok I am incapable of keeping a secret. Parker Posey in Party Girl, complete with Falafel with Hot Sauce a side of Babaganoush and a seltzer.

The Spelunkers said...

Daria! Daria! Daria!

edgecakez said...

i say veronica. your outfit would be amazing, plus you can give pop quizzes all night. and on the haterade tip, you can vomit on someone's shoes and later say "lick it up baby, lick it up."

Lucy Starcrest said...

"What's your damage?" It's no contest: Veronica! Definitely Veronica!

Beverly said...

You be Daria. I'll be Jane. Come ON!!! Oh wait, I dress like Jane anyway, does that even count.

White Lightning said...

ohhhh this is HARD. i am still on the fence!!!

it will end up being whoever's look is easiest to pull off based on my current closet contents (both are completely possible but which looks funnier?)

Shay said...

haha, I always wanted to be Veronica but could never get the Heathers entourage together...

Shaneeza Aziz said...

daria because of your new bangs.

seki said...

fuck yes veronica. i was her last year. then you can call people shit like 'swatch dogs' and 'diet coke heads'. how very.

Mariposa Latina said...


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