like i need a hole in the head

they have these perfect black rachel comey lace-ups at jumelle...
i stood in the store for a good half an hour cradling them and inventing 80 million outfits in my mind. (uh, they are CANVAS and PATENT. with a HEEL. they are EPIC)

..then i left empty handed and my bank account was like, 'whoa dude, i can't believe you just did that. um..way to go, i guess rent will be on time for once?'.

being responsible makes my little pink heart sad. so very, very, sad.


hard liquor; soft holes said...

they are so beautiful i cannot hardly stand it.


i feel you
responsibility does not do a body good

thehistoryofmyfuture said...

damn, i even like those! they have the perfect heel for me too!

why is living so expensive? why?

laia. said...

damn rent.
although this month I was so good that my rent check wont even overdraft! thank god those warehouse sales are over.

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