never take the tundra lightly

the arctic has no respect for fashion.

...good thing i do, yo.
further proof to never throw anything away.
i have a stash of thrift store earmuffs from freshman year of college when i was oddly obsessed with them and the freezing pittsburgh winters made them fulllly necessary.
that was a long ass time ago (12 years? ew, who said that?) and i just now felt like digging that jazz out again. BEING A PACKRAT PAYS OFF. YET AGAIN.


emily said...

earmuffs are sicknasty. (in weird grade nine language that's a compliment.)

i really want a nice pair of fuzzy earmuffs for winter. so great.

InnyVinny said...

You know...this is why I resolve to never throw stuff away. Then I get tired of looking at it, toss it, and need it again like 4 years later.


Try to keep warm and please send some cooler weather this way. Kthanks.

allison said...

the mighty boosh is my faaaave! well, besides frasier and it's always sunny and strangers with candy and the british office and summer heights high.


White Lightning said...

allison: ...frasier?

hard liquor; soft holes said...

hahahaha, i ALSO had a thing for earmuffs freshman y ear of college. WE ARE TWINS.

dude, cannot wait to see lady miss kier in effect.


earmuffs are fashionable only out of necessity
and only us in locations where it gets cold really give a care about them

ps it fucking snowed, well *flurried* in toronto this morning

Isabel said...

Mmmm, earmuffs! They're so sexy in a tacky way. I want a pair!

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