oopsy future captains of industy in comprimising positions doops

gossip girrlllllll!!! i missed youuuuuuu... two weeks was too long!!!! never do it again!

first, i had no idea that EVERYONE wants to go to yale. is this for real?
they do have naked parties at yale (true!) and so i guess i can see the allure.

1. sooo..nate loves a poorly styled hipster? first vanessa, then this marquez lover. archibald, you rascal! so LOWBROW.

2. what. the FUCK. is happening to blair?? she is a desperate LOSER lately! i hate it! where is the cunning, evil, beribboned BLAIR WALDORF OF OLD? bring her back. more sex in limos, less outfits like THIS MONSTROSITY...

..where it seems that someone borrowed a BIT TOO superfluously from the bluefly.com accessories wall. so gross. flat out UGLY. i am heartbroken.


i die.

and then you are a CAD and I DIE AGAIN.
it's unreal, really.

5. little J bores me to tears. oh, soooo... a 15 year old is designing a major line that A.L.T. would miss the marc jacobs show for? (AS. FUCKING. IFFFFFFFFFF!). um, yeah, totes believable. amazing storyline. "just like vera wang!" good grief.

6. lily is hotter than serena. discuss.

ps, next week's ep is called 'chuck in real life'. i die already.


Hazel said...

i know...this is going to seem sad.
at first, i hated gossip girl.
but then...i dunno...i saw an episode (and fell madly in love with Chuck's smug look and preppy garb)

now i'm kinda...in wuvs?


laia. said...

dudes. the show is OUT OF CONTROL!

Serena is so NOT believable as a crazy fucking bitch from hell. Who the hell attempts to sabotage someone's COLLEGE EDUCATION over "sparkliness"?
Also: the BOOB top she wore to the college interview? give me a break.

All I want is more chuck bass. everyone else can go away.

Little J is also totes NOT believable at all. I hate that the crazier the show get the more I love it. :(

Meaghan said...

dude i know serena's ladies were just everywhere all the time.
and I think everyone hates little j. she has no upside. she needs some tights under that dress/shirt business that's been going on lately. you know all the good takes had vag showing so they had to use the shitty ones. for real.

Lily is gorgeous, Serena is stuck up. nuff saaaaaid.

Riikka Aaltonen said...

Totally agreed.

I think Blair has lost her sense of style with her attitude. The old Blair would have NOT gone down so easily.

And what the fuck was up with the stupid catfight between her and Serena? I thought Blair would never lower herself to fighting with someone in such a brutal way. She's a backstabber for christ's sake! She doesn't NEED to fight!

Oh well, at least Chuck's still.. well, Chuck Bass.
And hot as hell.

July Stars said...

Shit, girlfriend, you have readers in London who are still waiting for the new series to start ... Maybe a little spoiler alert would be appropriate? Ha ... although I don't mind early revelations. What's happened to my tag?

PHYLLIS said...

I GASPED when I saw Blair walk out in that ensemble! Is she a flapper girl? Is it 1920?


Lucy said...

i think i vomited a little in my mouth when i first saw Blair in that outfit. I mean, come on, that fucking HAT? I don't understand. Also, i thought i didn't like Chuck with his new-ish slicked-to-the-side hair but in that photo, i do. boy, i do.

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