quite a day

dearest ece edge AJ bo bojangles boskevitch botangles the lady of spain,

i am SO GLAD that today you have now become a WISE SAGE. i will turn to you, my now THIRTY-YEAR-OLD FRIEND, to guide me in the ways of life. because i am still only 29, what do i know?

please let me take you back to your 26th birthday celebration, where i serenaded you with an amazing jello-shot fueled rendition of kansas' 'dust in the wind'. (this live version PALES in comparison to mine, IN MY OH-SO-HUMBLE OPINION).

lerv you bo, i hope it's the best birthday ever.

1 comment:

edgecakez said...

oh bo!!!!!! you were like a songbird in the night!

i close. my. eyessssssssssssss. only for a second and the moment's goneeeeee.

love you bo. wish you were here.


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