she uses tangerines

the flaming lips / turn it on

yay cute 90s girls doing syncronized laundry dancing! suds fights and belly shirts! been listening to this alll dayyyyy, the little things make me happy.

this album came out when i was in 10th grade, i was obsessed..i have to say i prefer the goofball 'she don't use jelly' era flaming lips to the current elder statesmen musicians flaming lips. although wayne coyne is a hot old dude, let's not front.

this was on the radio when i woke up this morning; i swear jake fogelnest reads my mind. if you don't have a satellite radio i feel sad for you, buddies. no howard stern!?no all indie rock all the time radio stations!? HOW DO YOU LIVE?


emily said...

i love the flaming lips song "do you realize".

hard liquor; soft holes said...

what was with mid-90s "slackers" and laundromats? i swear to god, it was up there with super8s and football shirts as the three pillars of gen-x aesthetics. i remember a postcard i had where some dude in airwalks was sitting in an empty laundromat dryer that i thought was THE COOLEST IMAGE EVER MADE.

White Lightning said...

seriously, you are SO FUCKING RIGHT! is doing your own laundry like the number one reason for generation-wide ennui? w t f.

AIRWALKS!!! i had black and brown suede ones. i wore them with 3 stripe tube socks (which were not dov charney issued ironic wear, they were SOCKS at the KMART for EVERYONE, read: old dudes) and dresses. I MISS BEING FIFTEEN (ok, no i don't)

InnyVinny said...

Of course it is! Doing your own laundry means you know how to take care of yourself and have learned everything that life has to offer.

thehistoryofmyfuture said...

airwalks were for posers at my school, all the cool kids wore simples and vans.

anyway, i saw flaming lips in 2002-ish. a girl had a seizure at the show, because of the crazy lights. my friend got to dance on stage in a pig costume. it was amazing.

btw, i'm having a pot luck get together thingamajig at my apt on election night if you wanna come. i would have facebooked you the invite, but i couldn't find you.

piña said...

dude, this is one of my most fav flaming lips songs....so stoked that you reminded me! and yes wayne salt and pepper old HOT!

Butterball said...

ahhh!! this is one of my favorite songs! my dad use to play it all the time when i was little and i would spin in circles until it ended!! great video, too!

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