stay gold

ohhhh here we go. the pictures are coming in from the 8 jillion digicams that were goin off friday ngiht. i stole these from brendan:

bro patrol. manderson's afro is like..beyond good. ivan is back from tour and i was plotting to steal that sweatshirt. vidoli was wasted before we even GOT to the party. birthday boy was high on life.

costumes were STRONGLY ENCOURAGED. i am an asshole and a loser so i didnt wear one. kat was rayanne graff and pretty much sealed the deal on my serious ladylove for her. SHE LOOKS PERFECT. her man ADF went as chuck bass. i mean, do i NEED to get into why i have an epic couplecrush on them?!?

hey mista deejaayyyy. mercedez, louise, dj dude who's name i forget, black. LIBRAZ UNITE.

yeah, i like dancin. you wanna fight? somehow that dress ended up with a rip in the front skirt part..how did that happen?? toward the dark end of the evening it was like a fucking mosh pit up in there, everyone was dancing.

this pic is palazzo's. of him and amy. HIS TEE SHIRT IS THE BEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN. christopher palazzo, you win. (ammyyy, you look so foxy. fanny pack!)

everyone's favorite hater hate martin set up a photo booth in a back room:

ever seen blow up? yeah, it wasn't anything like that. i'm afraid to see the pictures.

yeah, basically.


laia. said...

clearly i should've crashed this party.

you look fuckin rad.

Hazel said...

AAAAH, Rayanne Graff is my dream costume!!!
yer friend is awesome.

Stefanie said...

ok WHAT! Rayanna Graff NAILED IT.
And you look oh so cute, I'm crying.

Isabel said...

Rayanne Graff? No idea who she is, bt the look is amazing!

brendan donnelly said...

i believe you're leaving out a few things....if you catch my drift

P. said...

Rayanne Graff as a Hallowe'en costume is the best thing I've ever seen. So weird to see this because I was watching My So-Called Life this afternoon in a hung over daze so bad that I got no farther than putting on my black tights and a white t-shirt when getting dressed today. Control top practically counts as shorts, right?

hard liquor; soft holes said...

i dread the e-incrimination to come as well. but FUN TIMEZ FOREVER!

White Lightning said...

brendan: what happens at 48 meserole STAYS at 48 meserole. I AHVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU ARE REFERRING TO.

isabel!! you CANNOT have a blog called hipster musings and NOT KNOW the CHARACTERS of my so-called life. your homework, young lady, is to watch every episode.

p: tights are totes pants. ask MK!

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