that's hilarious and co.

jeeeeeesus BRITISH TELEVISION, whhyyyyyy are you so much better than american teevee?

i go through brit tevee addictions.
i like watching never mind the buzzcocks on youtube. its a show about...i don't know, comedians and musicians making jokes about the klaxons and kate nash. sometimes i have no idea who they're talking about but it don't matter.
and then i watch boosh clips and bemoan the fact that i don't have a fucking EUROPEAN DVD PLAYER.
and then i watch skins again and hate BBC-A for butchering it to show it here.
then i lay in bed for a few hours and watch nathan barley AGAIN and then i'm like eff america, i'm moving to london. peace and fucking, believe.

but i digress.

a lovely blog reader sent me links (thanks tamara!) to a recent buzzcocks ep that had my dream weaver mark ronson on it...and it was hilarious. and he wore those glasses again! hee.
a three piece suit! dying, dead. can american boys get it together, PLEASE?


Leah said...

i studied in london for two months this past summer...and i totally agree with you about american boys. british boys are just so...charming. in a really sexual way. i also want to move there, like now.

Gnarlitude Jen said...

dude my old man wears 3 piece suits on the most random days and looks so mind numbingly incredible i want to die.
i really like skins. how butchered is it??

The Corporate Pinup said...

ohmygosh skins is life. i had to watch it on these weirdo chinese youtube sites ("you-ku") but it was WORTH IT.

Anonymous said...

Hhha and I'm obsessed with American TV and American boys (wanna do a life swap?) not sure how you can think ours is as good, though you should definitely watch Little Britain. Also I saw MR in a bar last week and he really wasn't as cute as I thought...still cute though!

P.s Leah..OMG ENGLISH BOYS ARE NOT CHARMING, seriously, it's a trick, they are all socially retarded in a non sexual way...

Leah said...

haha sailorette. what i should have said is: english boys are so much better at making girls THINK they're charming, when really american boys are just socially awkward and might be charming if you can get past that. maybe.

and shallow as it may be, i think it's the accent that makes me swoon...

Steph said...

I am obsessed with Skins. It is so much better than american tv. It's not like Gossip Girl (although I love) where the 17 year olds look 30 and they go home everyday for lunch and a shag.

But yea...had to cop it on Youku. Lots of good japanese subtitles put to waste.

Dee said...

My favorite episodes have to be the ones where Noel Fielding is a guest team captain. Another amazing brit show is called The IT crowd. Noel Fielding is also sort of in it. Ok, so I think I might have a bit of a Noel obsession, but can you blame me? Now I'm gonna HAVE to eschew my midterm studying in favor of NMTB and IT crow marathons.

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