this is as good as i get at math

i watched so many movies this weekend it's actually embarrassing.
before you ask, it was nothing of substance and they were all films i've seen many MANY times before. i don't know, i think hbo is having a 90s nostalgia month or something.

i realized this:

leelee's nerd looks (which are REALLY GOOD) in never been kissed
(oh yeah i watched it. and i enjoyed myself. you wanna fight?)


trinity's shiny pvc ballerina dress
(ohh yeah i watched the matrix, too. and i was totally into it. the ugly blond who dies felt very balenciaga s/s 09 to me..but i digress) which is kind of creepy-sexy-gothic lolita-y


charles anastase s/s 09
in my top 3 of favorite spring collections.
it's slightly naughty sexy nerd lolita!

note to self: need multiple petticoats. like, yesterday.


Anonymous said...

Oh I love Leelee sooo much, and in that movie in the all in one lycra as the double helix, so good!

T-Bonz said...

Good God that's dead on. It may be a stretch to refer to these as 'films' - but I spent most of my day yesterday watching a terribly edited version of A League of Their Own...and, omg can't believe I am admitting this, rented What Happens in Vegas on Pay Per View.

Unknown said...

saw a girl wearing a white tulle poufy-woufy skirt saturday night on chrystie. and then a hot pink ballerina skirt! so amazin'.

geri hirsch said...

hahaha. great call!!

Stefanie said...

as if you just blogged about 90's teen movies
i've been away from the internets for a few days and have been compiling a list of every 90's teen movie ever!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is soon to be up on my blog, I will for sure be missing some titles so comment and help me

ETL said...

Well you could very possibly be a math professor at Harvard, because that equation looks perfect! Haha =]
And don't worry, we all need to watch movies like Never Been Kissed sometimes!

makemoremistakes said...

brilliant. fucking brilliant!

Carson said...

That's good. I went through a phase in my life where everytime I came home drunk, I made oatmeal and watched Never Been Kissed. Awesome!


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