where are your friends tonight?

recovery from last night's birthday INSANITY is slow and painful.
pictures, stories, gossip and blind items to come...

i stole vidoly's hat and i stole dortch's whiskey. SORRY, DUDES.

last night was one of the best parties ever..happy birthday libras and to all my friends: i really do love you, you crazyface lunatics.

photo by palazzo. he wears sunglasses at night. (true story)

i need to go lay down.


Tavi said...

Happy birthday libras! (stranger)
And WTF is up with Blair in that post? NOT OKAY, UPPER EAST SIDERS. NOT. OKAY.

you know you love me,

**note: I do not even WATCH that show, have not seen ONE episode, yet I know that dumb love quote because of their sneaky ADVERTISING.

Tavi said...

p.s. I like your hat and the bangs are looking fabulous

Battle said...

last night was crazy town and i went home early. libras are too much! i still have dave's hat.

turnstyle said...

Dude, youre surrounded by the Vietkong in this photo. There is another version of this photo on another blog that make all 3 of us look VERY scary.

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