baby don't be unhappy, baby don't be sad*

birthday money is weighin me dowwwwn, kid.

some wednesday math:

sale time at marni + gift certificate from my sister = maybe oopsydoops?

i guess we'll find out.

STAY TUNED...time to peace out and hit the streets. i talked brendan into shopping with me. haaahha. i also have keys to david's place while he's gone so WHAT UP BROOKLYNNN???

god DAMN i love 4 day vacations.


*have not turned off passion pit for 3 days. juuuuust letting you know.


laia. said...

if yer in the neighborhood dont forget to visit....

i am silently stalking the rubber maryjanes at marni, and their crazy malarky shoes with the tweed trim on them. those boots are totally you.

Tavi said...

DUDE, when I saw that shirt I had an immediate image pop into my mind of you taking a picture in the mirror at your office bathroom wearing it with one of your amazing skirts and Chloe wedges. I guess you could say that means I read your blog too much but one can NEVUH have enough white lightning!!


i'm soo partial to footwear
so my answer is mos def the booties.


ps i've been needing an afro for too too long

brendan donnelly said...

i am still so confused by womans fashion, but i like those shoes you got today with the buckles!

White Lightning said...

ohhhh SUCH damage was done yesterday.

the boots were fucking amazing but only 30% off and so still a bit too much.

what i got, coming soon...

tavi you are definitely my favorite person in the world, i swear.

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