i have never seen anything like the city last night.

it was fucking ELECTRIC. it was fucking historic. it was fucking BANANABOATZ.

st. dymphna's
was packed to capacity full of cheering and toasts and excitement.
we were yelling and crying and drinking (a lot) and FREAKING OUT.
i have never felt any kind of patriotism or pride like..ever before last night. it was a REALLY NICE FEELING (maybe it was all the tequila?).

after MR PRESIDENT spoke, we ran out into the street and it was CRAZY.
FIRST AVENUE was SHUT DOWN by the mere presence of CELEBRATORS (for those of you not from new york, first ave is FIVE FUCKING LANES of traffic! it was CRAZY). people on cabs. people on streetlights. people everywhere, being happy and freaking out. me and dblack included.

chanting obama. chanting yes we can. STOPPING their CAR and BLASTING young jeezy MY PRESIDENT IS BLACK and having a HUGE DANCE PARTY. (the lyrics to this song are way too much..a personal fave: " I Will Email Jesus Tell Him Forward To Moses And CC: Allah")

one dude climbed on top of an M15 BUS and was dancing.

it was so nuts.

we walked to the L (a whole crowd cheering) and went to bedford and it was just as crazy there. singing, dancing, revelry. (i didn't even have my camera. i was too giddy to notice. i will find some pics from the friends i was with and post.) EPIC.

absolutely amazing.

ps: GG recap tonight, promise. we'll get back to regularly scheduled fashion loving/boy craziness/general goofballitude ASAP.

pps lets start with this: the first lady wore s/s 09 NARCISO. I DIE , MICHELLE O.


laia. said...

What an insane night! I never experienced anything like that in my life.
It was soooo fucking epic.


Leah said...

that sounds fantastic. alot of people i know and love (regardless) are acting as if hell is going to break loose and barack is the antichrist. it was killing my excitement. reading your post made me smile and for the first time in so long i am so proud to tell people i'm american. i wish i was in the city to celebrate!!

Tavi said...

Man can I relate to your part about being proud to be american. It sounds so terrible, but I've never been able to take myself seriously while singing the national anthem or star spangled banner, or say the pledge of allegiance without rolling my eyes. Patriotic? Probably not. When I started to understand politics up until now I've been somewhat negative about it, since the only president I ever really knew was Bush. When my family would travel to Europe, people would hear our accents and roll their eyes, and I felt ashamed and I really couldn't blame them. Now I am so, SO happy and proud. I can go to sleep knowing everything's fine and roll out of bed excited for the day.
Wow, essay much? I kind of don't care, I'm too enthusiastic and hopeful for the world.

andrea said...

Dude, I knew that must have been some designer dress, but I kind of wasn't feeling it?? She's so classy, though; she can look beautiful in anything.

JLKING said...

that was not the right dress for her... it would look better on me lol.

it doesn't matter, she's the FIRST LADY bitches!

Tricia said...

AMAZING when they didn't introduce the next president, but the next first family - wow, it's still surreal.

makemoremistakes said...

Fucking sweet. Oh my god, watching that video gave me goosebumps then i had to go watch Obam's acceptance speech again. HOLY FUCKING SHIT SO AMAZING! All of it!!!

lauren said...

this happened 2 blocks from my house. i hate cops.

InnyVinny said...

I wish I was there. Nothing happened over where I was. LOL.

microtard said...

Yeah the west village was pretty quiet too- though, who am I kidding- I fell asleep by 10pm. Woke up stoked though?
Also, Michelle is a fox but dress made her look pregs, no?

nikole said...

i definitely just die laughing every time the zoe is quoted.

best song ever? fuckin' yeeeaahhhhhhhhhh!

Meaghan said...

i'm canadian and im just watching CNN being like "DONT FUCK THIS UP!"
and so you didn't. :D
looove it.

psopirhory said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
White Lightning said...


ugh, so lame that the celebrations had to get ugly bu ti guess it was to ge expected. i tohugh ti would see more unruliness that was negative that night but everyone was so HAPPY it was nuts!

Unknown said...

GURLL.. just got back to SF so I will send you all of those photos asap. You are amazing and I don't think I've ever heard anyone say "Oh my god, Oh my god, Oh my god" that many times. haha
Def. a great kick-off to my 'ragin' week in nyc!

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