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duuuuuudes, i'm sorry to keep chatting up my birthday but cut me some slack, mmkay? it was a big one and it was really good and i got GREAT PRESENTS.
please, allow me to share THE BOOTY :


a cross-stitch that speaks my state of mind from ece...books (sweet orgy!) and custom keren richter for vans journal (so cute) from keren...the red beads is one of carlen's gorgeous jewish rosaries, i have wanted one for SO LONG !


lady lou gave me a tote from the instant (which i really really wanted!) an amazingly pretty lil E cup and bottle of spirits...cedez made me an A-MA-HA-ZING mix CD...


fucking SICK horse MEDALLION from andreas...a fucking epic pertified wood BOLO TIE from stevie....a beautiful vintage locket from my childhood friends..a miu miu INITIAL PIN (i die) and bracelet from dre and cakes...assorted makeup and beauty goodness from celia..

kat and andrew brought me the bananerz locosauce item of the night:

(pics by miss beverly & monica)

i mean, there's VODKA in that thar glass sniper rifle. with a pleather strap. (please note i am wearing all the aforementioned jangles i received. as i opened, i donned ).

not pictured but still SO SO SO LOVED: cupcakes, a clown nose, an I HEART JIM (i do) mug from bdonns, you already saw turner's balloon, a MARNI GIFT CERTIFICATE from my sis (!!!!), a handmade card and mixtape IOU from gropman, and all around love and kisses and ass grabs from assorted lovely well-wishers.
aaaaand now it's over.
and i am fa-reaking out about the election.

it was great while it lasted.
i love you guys !


Anonymous said...

Saw you on UO.com, just coming to give you PROPS. Frig. I'm jealous of your cool horse medallion!

edgecakez said...

happy bo day

Anonymous said...

The E the E, ahhhh, good haul! xo

laia. said...


You got a Miu Miu Initial?? SO JEALOUS.
seriously, it seems like the best birthday ever!

Lia Dominique Andress said...

Whose house is this? Yours? I love it!

Beverly said...

add another mixtape IOU from me too. kneesox weren't in the cards on my unemployment budget. oy

edgecakez said...


Tavi said...

MIU MIU PIN...IHEARTJIM MUG...MARNI $...Um, best birthday ever? Yes. Especially if Obama is elected. Happy birthday, dear!

WendyB said...

Funniest gun ever.

andrea said...

Dang, that CD has some jamz on it! Also, where can I get that vodka gun??????

Unknown said...

the miu miu pin! hopefully i've dropped enough hints about it on my blog that one of my sisters will get it for me this xmas.

Tricia said...

if only all guns were full of vodka, what a beautiful world that would be!

White Lightning said...

yayaaayaya thank thank thank everyone

cant beleive it was a week ago already, geeez.

lia! this is the house of my friends melissa and walter, they have beyond good taste.

THE MIU MIU PIN HAS CHANGED MY LIFE. is it bad that now i want the "S" so my initial are complete??

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