a day late but still good

yesterday's new york times had T's design&living issue, did you see it?

i commissioned my insanely talented friend derrick cruz to do our well opener...that shit is solid gold honeycombz in sugar, yo!

like a luxe lollipop.
i'm really proud of it & him.
he did it in a major time crunch and we are still friends even though i was def showing up at his studio like..a lot. hey, i get anxiety! but he was great and IT looks amazing and i am so so happy.


refinery's pipeline liked it too!


Rachael said...


InnyVinny said...

I love raw talent. LOVE IT!

laia. said...

loooooo-ooove it!

maddie said...

I read this, definitely a good issue!

Breanne said...

super rad.

Tricia said...

that's really beautiful!

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