did this really just happen?

good MORNING bloggy blogsiders

now, unless i am realllly out of it (always a possibility):

on my morning commute
sitting directly across from me
on a semi-deserted A train

little j?!??

i SWEAR it was her, in raybans (at 10 AM? ON the train? in november? hangover), that bleachy hair, all black "rocker" ensemble (skintight jeans, black ankle boots) and a giant fringe-y, chain-y bag. the shape of her face is pretty distinct.
i swear i was trying not to stare but...how do you not stare?

she got off at 42nd, mtv offices perhaps?

there is a possibility i am wrong, of course but....who wants to believe that?



la mode est dans le ciel said...


and i hate to admit it, but lil j looks better in that h&m dress than i do.

oh and this made me think of you, white lightning:

foudre blanche

ginny said...

that's fairly awesome, if you ask me.

Unknown said...

my ex-gf has seen her twice on the subway, once on the a, in the last month. methinks you spotted a wild momsen.

InnyVinny said...

I love a solid celebrity sighting. Niiiiice!

sam said...

exactly! my sister sat across from her on the subway...but why would she take it? rich celebrities don't take the subway!

Tricia said...

subway - faster and more convenient (sometimes) than cabs. and sometimes a girl likes taking a train.
so funny you saw little j! 42nd also = HBO.

elysia mann said...

:O that must have been quite exciting, especially on a tuesday morning (right after gg!)

lux said...

oh gawd. i can't stop staring at her now and wondering WHO decided on this hair and WHY didn't any of the 23987452983 people around her say something

Eyeliah said...

it is quite possible.

Six Six Sick said...

I've also heard of numerous subway spottings of Little J, always donning the downtown look that her character has taken up too...

WendyB said...

She was at the election night party I went to -- out all night at the age of, what, 15? She looks older than I do, and I'm literally old enough to be her mother. Someone needs to rein her in before she goes down Britney's path.

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