do i miss you like you miss me?

you know how you get through today?
put on your headphones and listen to 'better things' as loudly as possible.

i swear this morning was brighter as i walked to the train.
i'm the lunatic girl bopping around in the street, spilling her coffee all over the place.

also, if that's not incentive enoguh, i might die, adorable bearded greek indie rocker? when the fuck does THAT ever happen. michael angelakos, call me. wait..how old are you? whatever, call me anyway.


InnyVinny said...

He's cuuuuuuuuute!

Steph said...

I LOVE Sleepyhead. When I'm in the darkroom I listen to it on repeat...often for hours lol


#1 age is just a number

#2 coffee is meant to be spilled

Leah said...

i spill my coffee and i dont even bop.

and how creeptastic am i that when my friend wore that rubiks cube...i immediately thought of you. maybe i am spending too much time on the internet??

allison said...

cutest boy ever. i've had some passion pit songs on my itunes forever but it was seeing his adorabuhl face that inspired me to finally give them a fair listen. i love boys in beards.

Leah said...

oh ps. the boots. idk im torn. they dont have them in store here, so im undecided bc i fear they may look cheap. but then im still torn bc i sort of dont mind cheap. ahh! how were they in store?

P. said...

YESSS, PASSION PIT! Obsessed with this EP. Sleepy Head was on repeat all summer but now I can't stop listening to Live To Tell the Tale.

ETL said...

I love love LOVE "Sleepyhead"...best song ever!!!!

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