flattery is my forte

i didn't make the cut for bro shopping trip today which i am totally calling bullshit on but is better in the end because A. i don't wan't to go to target ANYWAY (yes i do) and B. i know bdonns spent all day telling mike how hot i thought the picture he took of him the other night was. (um..it is. sorry. bibles full of truth, here at white lightning.)

whatEVER, i had better things to do (not really). oh, i'm like reallly into red lipstick these days.

arabic velvet underground tee is a brendan donnelly joint. epic horse medallion was a birthday gift. matte red is nars dragon girl. ew, lipstick names are so lame.

later i went to see dave and his new giant teevee. this mirror is also new... shit is like 9 feet tall.

we headed to enid's to have a biznazz meeting with the lauretti's about working on the art for their new record (it's SO GOOD). then we watched 3 photography documentaries and ate ice cream and talked about final projects for the classes we teach; only 3 weeks left in the semester whaaaat? i love when when we hang out like normz, he's traveling too much these days, sadface.

so...how was your sunday?


Stefanie said...

matte is CRUCIALLLLLLLL it looks good

brendan donnelly said...

haha first thing i told mike!

i love the bangs and lipstick..sexytown

laia. said...

oh dudessss. TOTALLY EPIC LIPSTICK. i love those nars malarkies. they are totally 100% awesome.


Anonymous said...

I'm feeling the bold red lipstick. It reminds me of the 50s.

microtard said...

-wife chores
-screener copy of 'Burn After Reading'

Hazel said...

i own two red lipsticks and one of them is called "wanted" and the other is "revolution".

it's kind of hard to have a good sunday when you've got ridiculous amounts of 9th grade homework littering your desk.

Stephanie said...

Oh man the lipstick + bangs looks fantastic! You are seriously tempting me to cut mine short (although with my lack of motor skills I'll probably end up with bangs zigzagging across my forehead..)

Tricia said...

wow you should wear that color lipstick all the time!

Unknown said...

dude, you read my MIND. my lipstick mine. i've been wearing red lipstick for like two weeks along with black drapy layers. it's suitably angsty.

White Lightning said...

thanks everyone! i am sooo into into these days, i feel like it makes anything look better !

the hardest part has been wearing it to work because EVFERYONE loves to comment on it, like, every time you see them.

steph: cut them! go to any hair place and ask them to do it, it costs like 8 bucks for a bangs trim. do it!

and seriously..thanks for the encouragement guys, i wasn't sure if it was too much...

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