i look at your pants and i need a kiss

paper magazine's november issue is trying to end my life.



Hazel said...

i love him too.
and this KILLZ.
please keep all obsessive photos/updates of him coming. BANANAS.

InnyVinny said...

He is so shutting it down right now.

Leah said...

i admit it...i follow mark ronson's epic hotness through your blog.


so hott
i die

jackson said...

I totally forgot about going to the party! You didn't even remind me! What the hell?

xx hillery said...

this might sounds crazy but i was bartending on election night at q-tips party and i looked up at the dj booth and who was djing?! mark ronson. i don't even know you and i wished that i had some way of contacting you. creepy, i know.

White Lightning said...

YES YES YES, just give in and LOVE>

hillery maybe i need to set up a red phone hotline for JUST SUCH OCCASIONS AS THESE.

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