it's totally what i'm into

dear brett,

i saw you sitting at the counter at the mexican restaurant last night, with a fake villain mustache and a seinfeld-level flowy white blouse. I assume this was a costume as there was a film crew and a million of those haddad trucks outside the restaurant, but even if it wasn't you were still super throbtastic.

so for the record, to answer your question:

yes, it IS what i am into, thanks for asking!



laia. said...

I used to see jermaine around soho all the time. it was funny.

Tavi said...

And I totez remember that seinfeld shirt! There's a similar one in the cdg/h&m collection.

ginny said...

i would die.
considering brett's my favorite

Lavender said...

saw them in edinburgh years ago. Sooo much kiwi goodness.

Leah said...

i believe she got the plaid dress at a boutique in atlanta...if you ever go there, they have some pretty gooooood shopping.

maddie said...

Ah so jealous! Brett could be wearing a 3 piece polyester suit and he would still make all the ladies of the world swoon.

Righteous Plaisant said...

im pretty confident he wants you to be his as his hot dress up bride. total pleasure having mexican time xcharlie

White Lightning said...

i pretty much died (as RP above and kat and lou and everyone else there can atest to..i was like :i see you lips moving but if i am supposed to be LISTENING sorry ummm BRETT IS TWO FEET AWAY"


i cant take it anymore

besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

thank you for answering my question toots. cute as my tacos and silly in seinfeldyian (sp?) ruffles.
dinner still on??perhaps we should go back to l.s...just in case.
although, i wonder if we would be able to really talk about anything, if he was there..seems to cause quite a distraction.

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