let's start this thing off right

monday morning needs loud music of the indie rock variety.

pavement/cut your hair

gossip girl tonight, lovelies
i am SO SORRY i didn't recap last week, ("you just hooked yourself a bass" !!!! GOOD GRIEF) but i got all swept up in obamalamadingdongz.

i've got a good feeling about the week ahead


T-Bonz said...

Do you remember that Pavement show in Pittsburgh when sat on the stage? Good times.

the gmh. said...

Don't drink that! That's MY blue juice!

InstantVintage said...

I still haven't seen one episode of that show. Am I strange?

edgecakes said...

hahah, obamalamadingdongz! you are a CLEVER one, ELIIIIIIIII and that is why I LIKE YOU

besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

soooo excited..GG makes my week feel brighter..feel lame saying that out loud considering it's a teen drama but hey, they have fancier clothes and cB..whom, by the by, i'm really growning fond of..not in the way that you are fond (smack smack) but in a holy shitballs what amazing brilliance will he say/wear next!
see you in an hour and 15!!

s_d said...

mah! you guys are way lucky
the west coast doesn't get gg tonight cause of dumb monday night footbal

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