lust in my heart

i have attacked the scary mountain of detritus that is my desk & cubicle area in an effort to not look like i work in the middle of worn-torn beirut.

i found this little treasure that i ripped out of elle months ago:

ugly amazing oxford heels by muñoz vrandecic.
they're are still on my mind. and maybe on sale by now?

i have a pair of old black ankle-y shoe boots though, that i could mabes just gold up? i guess it's worth a try.


InnyVinny said...

For $225, I'd def. gold mine up.

I'm just saying.

Enfievre said...

totes diy. im sure yours will be even kewler.

martine said...

i was eyeing these too. i found them a few months ago on sale, and of course i waited too long and they disappeared and i've been kicking myself ever since. i named them "golden toes of fancy devotion."

Marina said...

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Marina (from France)

Tricia said...

get out the spray paint. and your desk sounds a lot like mine.

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