my grandfather always gets the drumsticks

happy thanksgiving to you, assorted bos bros brahs gals ladies stalkers creepers lovers haters bffs secret crushes not so secret crushes that read these ramblings

i have no turkey related imagery to share, instead i will post this pic from fall 06 because i just found it and it made me happy:

one fateful night thecast threw a party in their studio and edge and i stopped by so she could meet my new favorite person, this crazy dude named david black...the rest is history?
(the masks were at the studio, we didn't roll like that...although why not?)
the other stories from that night are pretty much unprintable on a NOT ANONYMOUS blog. aw too bad, so sad. ohh, those halcyon days.

sorry, wait, what was i talking about?

oh RIGHT: i am thankful for my friends, so very much, every day.

now go shove some turkey in your face and avoid your aunt who OVERSHARES when she starts the drinky.



Hazel said...

it's actually my grandma who overshares.
don't ever give a woman like that some rum.
she continues to ramble on about chinese marriages and how she's legally blond...

happy turkey day as well.

laia. said...

happy day m'lady!

plz to wear those masks everyday.

Leti said...

Was that the party where they had those finches in little cages? I was worried they would develop birdy lung cancer. Also there was some sorta silkscreen tattoo situation. Good times.

edgecakez said...

hahahah, oh mann, meng. that was quite an evening. those masks were so shweet. things happened. give spanks.


wendy-o williams said...

back at you, my fribz

microtard said...

I'm glad you have friends too and stuff -- but I am really just commenting here because the LABYRINTH post is not commentable?!?? OMG OMG OMG -- I have seen it 400 millz times too- have we already talked about this??? KNOW. EVERY. WORD. we need to have a labyrinth themed party- VERY SOON

Anonymous said...

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