permanently black and blue

i don't like it when i've got no one but myself to blame, but i'm having a hard time finding someone else to hold responsible for my sleepy hangover headache. i blame BROOKLYN actually, damn you and your absinthe cocktails and 4 AM tacos.

aaaanyways...i am loving housesitting at dave's sick new place.

is it poor form to borrow the clothes from the person whose house yer watching?

dave's denim shirt (snatched outta the clean laundry, oops sorry dave loveyoumeanit), marc by marc skirt that i think i would die without, miu miu E pin, and um....new marc shoes. (it's 70% off at marc jacobs, did you know that??)

i keep saying this but am still in love with givenchy s/s 09..light denim and black and nude and kinda westerny and weird.

these are some seriously white patent leather cuckoo richard prince naughty nurse shoes. or so i tell myself.
oh..side view? sure, why not.

wtf is this heel? these shoes are so many bad ideas making one great one.
ba. na. nas.

coffee and sustenance, please.

ps this pretty much sums it up


Hazel said...

why must you torture me with you MJ purchases!!!

laia. said...

1. brooklyn rulez.

2. OMG THOSE SHOEEZZ i need them. except i went by the miu miu store lasst niiite.....

Unknown said...

UPGRADE! the drugstore mirror got trizaded!
I turned black man into a vain son of a B. haha

thehistoryofmyfuture said...

i think dave dry-cleaning a denim shirt is weirder than those shoes. just sayin'. ;)

dblack said...

The laundry lady puts them in there, not dry cleaned... just sayin :)

Enfievre said...

um, i need those shoes!

No said...

Those shoes are so much fun. Love!

besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

dood...you're in the hood right now?!!


your outfit makes my heart sing.
out loud.
in a squeaky voice.

Tricia said...

perfect white shoes. and I used to not like R. Prince till I saw the new show in Chelsea recently. totally different for me in person, now i want one!

White Lightning said...

theeeenks loves


i reallly reallly love them

i feel like a facehunted kind of gal (nerd!)

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