pink and black and blue

i am so ashamed..
not only is the name of this band so annoying to me, this is also from an ipod commercial. AND I CAN'T STOP LISTENING TO IT. i really kind of love it.

chairlift / bruises

i'm such a girl sometimes.

my apologies to the bros who read this blog (apparently there are some out there? COMMENT, i am dying to know about your existence! i fully operate under the guise that straight men who are not my actual friends do not read this thing.... )


Unknown said...

We exist! Well i do i saw a link to you're blog on urban outfitters blog a while back and have been hooked ever since.

Shaneeza Aziz said...

mystery solved! makes me feel kinda warm in this terribly cold weather.

Unknown said...

hi, i like vajoonie and read your blog. like, religiously. it is in my google reader.

found it through a non-straight male friend of yours' blog. which i found because he posts sporadically on the website i work for.

Andrew said...

I'm a straight guy who reads your blog... and I like that song

gully bones said...

ended up here one day from i think gnarlitude. i'm straight and dont even watch gossip girl, your posts just always make me laugh.

Ken said...

I'm a straight guy reader (p.s. I don't get the Chuck Bass thing -at all) I think I got hooked when you were posting about that Leatha chick from Project Runway.

justbrad said...

straight black guys are now reading this site while at work from now on

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