crying crying hot salty sad tears of envy:

i didn't know it til right now, but this is the dress of my dreams.
tiny baby hot pink velvet and gold thread partytimes dress? good grief. dying, dead.
give it!
michelle's posts on kingdom of style alwayssss make me curse the gods that i am not some hot scottish irina lazareanu-doppelganger who can sew her own elastic band dresses and pvc leggings.

as if i didn't feel that way everyday, ANYWAY.

geez, life. get it together already.


Tavi said...

Being within a 50 mile radius of her presence would change mah lief. She probably radiates magic epic DIY-skillz sunshine.


yes but can she quote rachel zoe?

*the dress IS ridic*

FutureLint said...

I know, she is insanely stylish and always just whipping up these awesome projects in her spare time with crap laying around her house! How does she do it?!?! Boo on being a short redhead, I want to be her!

Tricia said...

seriously, she is stunning and the stuff she comes up with is amazing.

Isabel said...

OMG, she looks EXACTLY like Irina Lazareanu. And yes, she's kind of an epic dresser too. :)

Unknown said...

this one looks great! easyessay

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