dee eye why not, dudes

so my sister made me a skirt! i love it. the pattern is sort of gypsy-bananas.

i wore it out to the store with this sweatshirt which was my favorite item of clothing my freshman year of college:

*recession note: cutting own bangs, failsauce, fer reals. good grief.

it's an old ratty grey hoodie that i had the bizarro "older" (he was probs 25, i was 17- everyone was 'old' to me then) dude that i was crushed out on at pittsburgh filmmakers silkscreen the westinghouse logo on for me.
fact: as we were (are) weirdo design nerds, we were (are) obsessed with paul rand and thought this logo was like, the bee knees in a major way. (nerds. i realize this. i still love this sweatshirt)
also, O HAI, NEW CAMERA, you are so dark and mysterious.

three things of note here:

1 the hot pink sheer tights from AA are my current obsession (the ones with the seams are pervy awesome too)

2 these boots from nine west are the best non-money (what up birthday cash cards) i have ever spent, these things are the fucking JAM and look sick with everything i want a cut of their profits because i have convinced so many gals to buy them.

3 don't be jels of my fucking white cut-outz shoe boots, they are seriously of the six-from-blossom / kimmee gibbler school of fashion and i love them insanely (duh, steve was present at time of purchase)

oh ps, i'm not some sort of crazy poland spring addict throwing the empties all over her floor, i shove those thangs into my boots to make 'em stand up straight...


Unknown said...

old magazines also work great for holding up them boots.

I am STILL drunk and trolling ebay but I haven't found anything else you-worthy btw.

allison said...

Paul Rand is the shiz! He was my favorite in my American Graphic Design class and my crazy teacher had a creepy obsession with him but I did too so it was okay. He also liked to talk about strippers.


InnyVinny said...

I like it. All of it. And I'm wishing I could do shiny pink tights without looking like a neopolitan popsicle.

Bellwether said...

ha! Love that you use Poland spring bottles - I use tubes of crystal light!

T-Bonz said...

yay!!! this makes me so happy!!! I love that pairing with the Westinghouse!

Shay said...

I went to the nine west store to get those boots yesterday but it was too insane so I ran away screaming and will probably just order them online. You've got me saying oopsydoops in public btw. Merry Xmas!

Meaghan said...

and here I thought i was the only person who used the phrase "failsauce"
nice skirt!
p.s. my word verification thing says FLABIO and i find it halarious.

Eyeliah said...

Oh I love this look. Don't pink tights make everything wonderful? ;-)

E. said...

Erm, that skirt is craaaazy awesome.

x said...

kimmie gibbler!! omg she would totally wear those shoes hahahah

Enfievre said...

recession also = me cutting bangs = fail


Michelle said...

You're the queen of pink tights and awesome patterns (I'm sad that I can never pull both looks off..)

hmeehan said...

Oh, lady, you just took me back. Remember that Raymond Loewy movie we had to watch where he kicked his dog? Nuts!

lisa lindøe said...

love the shoes.

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