the good times are killing me

OH THE HOLIDAY SEASON, you evil drunken minx. stop getting me inebriated in the name of baby jesus.

other reasons to imbibe/party:
the birth of one brendan michael donnelly the first, esquire.

back of vidoly's head, sam, keren, bdonns, my split personality, ivan

happy birthday, brendan and jesus ! love you both. one more than the other, guess which is which. (ok, it's brendan shhh- don't tell jesus.)*

EDIT: for the curious: the silk blue sailorette dress is by this random brand fluet, i bought it last winter for my birthday..in the past boys have likened it to fashion for 1. a pilgrim 2. a nun. SO SEXY, BOTH REFERENCES, THANKS GUYS.

*i am going to hell. its fine. see you all there?


niki said...

wearing a cute dress like that though, i am guessing you are a charming drunk

Maddi said...

I love your hair! It's so cute ^^
Christmas parties! I'm hosting one tonight, yet it is obviously non-alcoholic seeing as I'm fourteen.

brendan donnelly said...

thanks love! you forgot to add that mike drunkenly said you were dressed like a nun and i called you an american girl doll when you were wearing glasses. i'll send that pic.

Leah said...

see you there.

allison said...

WHERE is that dress from? it's amazing.


besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

love the dress!! sorry i missed it..perhaps a drink manana.

Isabel said...

Hell, that dress is sexy!

White Lightning said...

thank you gals- the dress is fluet, it was from last winter's intermix sale. it has pockets and i wear it all the time, *I* think it's supercute but apparently its NUNLIKE (thanks vidoly). its pretty short for a nun though, i gotta say.

maddi! thank youuuu...i need a haircut but thank you.

bdonns..i totes forgot about the american girl pic haaahaaaa

lisa lind√łe said...

love the dress.

khairy said...


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