heavens to mergatroid

listen, we're all friends here. i can be open about the fact that i am not the biggest fan of WANG..no, not that one ya perv, the prettyface lil fashion designer one (who lives down my block, by the by. dave went there once to shoot him for something. ok, digression)

ANYWAYS. i am just not that into him, i know i may be in the minority here but he doesn't get me in a state (except his bags, which are I DIE territory).
but i am not made of STONE and i don't know but if this little pre-fall 09 number found it's way to me i would not TURN IT AWAY:

ok, little white shirtdresses with a puffy sleeve and shiny black shoes ensemble DOES GET ME IN A STATE. vapors.

ps jen and i are on a tumblr that critiqued our blogs. my negatives are excessive slang and TOO MANY CAPS. haaahha. GUILTY, BRAH.



i would wear it and love it
and then probably by accident get coffee or ketchup or mustard stains all over it
its a curse

what is this tumblr you speak of?


deedoubleyou said...

amazingg dress.
i love slang and caps. its like i can hear you talking. haha does that sound creepy??

Isabel said...

Mr. Wang is pretty overrated, I agree with you there. But that outfit is rather cute. :)

niki said...

yeah this is probably the only thing i would really wear by alexander wang. he is really adorable though.

Breanne said...


InnyVinny said...

I couldn't do this one...damn this ass of mine. I'd just have on a long shirt with no appreciation of the puffiness of the sleeves. Booooooooo.

It's cute, though.

Six Six Sick said...

I think I decided that Wang was overrated after going to his sample sale and seeing every single girl on the L.E.S. rifling through the racks like a bunch of looters at the L.A. Riots. I like some of his stuff, but when everyone you know is wearing it, it just starts to look common...I still love the bags though.


not keren said...

i reevaluated my supposed wang-lust after the sample sale. seeing all of it up close and personal and on my bod made me just go "ehhhhhh." not worth the coin. even with the 75 percent mark down. no thanks.

Andrew said...

I'm not a huge fan of Wang either but this prefall was rockin it

Unknown said...

but thats why i love ya brah

Gnarlitude Jen said...

I love how when we first met you reached over and ran your hand over my Wang bag. Hahahha but yeah I agree with Tiffany and in the long run there is just usually one or two solid pieces that I'd consider picking up, everything else just looks really pretty all styled up.

July Stars said...

I'm completely with you on the Wang phenomenon. I wrote a blog entry stating that I wasn't too keen on his stuff and only received hate comments telling me I was the one lacking style etc (promptly deleted)!

khairy said...


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