i guess i could say i give a fuck about an oxford comma?

so here's the thing.

there are people out there who have not the terrible jaded black heart that is secretly beating in my chest (it's hidden under a pink sparkly unicorn).
and mabes i forget about those truly good people when i shoot off my mouf on this here BLOGUE with all kinds of nonsense and ridiculousity.

because sometimes you get a lovely email from someone who loves your blog and then she emails again and is bummed that you called her boyfriend's band douchey and wants you to come see them so you will realize your hate is misplaced. and then you feel like a jeeerrrrrrk.

but so then you go (how do you not go?) and the place is packed and the KIDS, they LOVE THE BAND, and how can you not get all into it? and ok ok YES it is KINDA CATCHY, THIS A-PUNK BUSINESS. i mean, i like paul simon and i have a feeling they do too.

this may be my favorite song

in plain english, last night i saw the 'vampire weekend' you people are wild for and it was really fun. it was really good. if you're a fan i hope you got tickets already cuz shit is sold out for the rest of the week. and at terminal 5, that place ain't SMALL.

thank you thank you thank you, sara. you and your friends could not have been cuter or nicer to the loudmouth blog girl...it was great to meet you guys and the show was sickkkk !


Graham Smith said...

To paraphrase Wikipedia, I'd like to think that this post was meant to be funny, but not a joke, and in the end that may have been its downfall.

TIP: Pretend this comment is Anonymous to make it more mysterious

White Lightning said...

aww..graham still reads my blog

hard liquor; soft holes said...

did they play with the teenagers? i kind of love/hate the teenagers.

Anonymous said...

your blog is so cute, i love it. yeah terminal 5 is bloody hugeeeeeee


Michael Williams said...

I was there too. I hate when I am in the same room with people I like and don't know it.

I give a fuck about oxycotin! That's what they are saying right?

No said...

They give an awesome live performance...but I still heart Muse so much more. Vampire Weekend just never did it for me (but they are fun @ a concert). I've found that if I don't like a band immediately it takes a spectacular live performance for me to truly appreciate :-)

emily said...

ah foo. i sent the next line of lyrics to oxford comma on the wrong post.

whatever, disregard that then.


Meaghan said...

oh dear. i hate vampire weekend, i saw them this summer and i did not care for them
but maybe that's cause all the hype makes it difficult to enjoy?
"ottoman" is growing on me.

Unknown said...

oh you exclusive vip friendster youuuuuu

LOL i like how the word verification word atm is GORED. HOW FITTING


microtard said...

Does this mean there is potential to get you to reverse your position on Passion Pit?

White Lightning said...


J. said...

I was THIS close to buying tickets to that show - I went Saturday though. They really are fantastic :)

Unknown said...

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