i guess this thing IS on

from dblack's blog, about his shoot with the band au revoir simone:

"..Michelle's asst. asked me, "Are you the David Black of White Lightning fame?". "Well yes I am!" She then told me that her entire office reads the blog everyday, yikes!"

yikes, indeed !

allow me to take this moment to say thankyouthankyou thaaaanks to all for reading and commenting and being generally awesome. really really truly.


besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

you are!

J. said...

awww that's such a nice story!

Steph said...

I just thought I'd leave you the most ridiculous GG link ever recorded.


InnyVinny said...

That is epically cool.

Zany Style said...

your welcome!lolz!

Tara Rose said...

lovelovelove your random titles. it makes me look foward to comong home from school even more!

Enfievre said...

lizzie lou, you are the greatest!

jill said...

mmm...i have probably about 20 people here who have added you to their bookmarked'ed must reads.

xo from the pacific northwest

White Lightning said...

exes and oh to all yous, seriously.

S, that GG post was AMAZING, holy shit its so true


lisa butterworth said...

omg, i would bet MONEY, that michelle's assistant was my co-worker tara. totes going to ask her, um, right now. and yeah, WL is an office fave, what can i say? we dig.

xo, tara said...

TOTES was me! i've been revealed. it is I. the extent of my obsession with you and your blog has reached almost creepy levels. meeting and working with DB makes me feel 1 degree closer to actually knowing you..yay! and i mean that in the most appropriate/not-stalker way possible.

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