the internet needs to relax

what's wrong with everyone today?
here's a PSA: anon hate comments are the lamest thing you could do, freals.

i am all for expressing yourself but like, chill OUT.
i was so psyched to see chuck on racked today:

he's standing outside his studio smoking a cigarette and yeah, wearing his own label. DUH.
why shouldn't he be?
but then...the comments are BILIOUS. straight up HATE. it's kinda shocking!

why's everyone so mad? it's a streetstyle picture! a fairly innocuous one at that!

i am not gonna go through the hate point by point, opinion sare opinions but..this is like, a seriously handsome dude in tight pants and leathuh....EVERYONE WINS, PEOPLE. you should all be PSYCHED.


InnyVinny said...

h8 anony hate comments. It's so rude and obnoxious.

Squishybubble said...

anon comments suck...honestly, its rather immature. I love the photo, though

emily said...

he is too :/

Gnarlitude Jen said...

OH weird I just saw this on Racked and had my say. I just figure for all the people who took the time to really hate on him there are like 45 to that one who were stoked but didn't say anything. I liked what Brendan said though!
I wish I designed all my own gear, shit!

Stefanie said...

when I'm a designer I'm ONLY wearing my clothes.
Just kidding, I don't have that much self control. BUT SERIOUSLY THOUGH I will defs own one of each of the things I design in my size. Duh.

hotdog water said...

That whole spitting out DIE HIPSTER at anyone cooler than you thing is so beyond boring.

Can't handle seeing a super hot dude?

Ok I guess we'll just stick with this guy

Leah said...

i think its a really cool picture, whatd the big deallllll yo. the smoke, streetlights, HIM.

brendan donnelly said...

i left them comments to go to the studio and say it to his face. someone called me an idiot for saying that. then someone thought i was ryan.

you need to link the song "hi hater" on this post for all those talkin trash about my bffs

brendan donnelly said...

i re read the comments people left on that site again and i was really pissed these people could say shit like that about chuck. it really broke my heart to hear that people are THAT cruel when it comes to picking on someones outfit.

there were even people ripping on me AND I JUST LEFT MY INITIALS!!! they said i was an idiot, "b"ig "d"douche and that i was ryan.

who are the people that write mean shit like this? the kids that write gutter comments on tvcarnageandstreetboners.com have more intelligence than those people on that site

fucking lame-o

Isabel said...

Sigh, I get anon hate comments all the time and shimply choose not to publish them. People who do that are pathetic.

Ian Brown said...

That's the thing that's so annoying about the gawkerverse is that absurdly boring people get to spend time in their cubicles bitching about the evil hipsters. It just gets worse when you actually know the guy. Personally, Chuck is one of the nicest people I know with a whiteboy's afro at least. And his jacket is wicked of course.

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