last monday of 08, does that mean anything?

this is so not usually my kind of jam but...i'm really feeling this these days.
headphones + wandering around the sorta empty city = my current vacation situation.
it makes me bop around a little bit in da streets, if i can be honest.

untrust us / crystal castles

ps i am eschewing the actual video for this song in favor of a still picture with a chanel logo (obvi). the video is like japanese cartoon levels of quick cut action and i do not need to be giving you all seizures, i love all your brains too much.
(i might go so far as to call the vid 'ANNOYING', but that's just ME.)


ginny said...

hahaha, i can understand your annoyance of the crystal castles music video.

and you went to the pittsburgh film festival a while back? *points below* you're the first person i've actually met who's gone...well, besides myself, but i don't introduce myself to the mirror.

hotdog water said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Daniel said...

there isn't an official video for untrust us, only fan videos. i wish there was an official video. i'd love to see the annoying fan video, can you post a link here?

Isabel said...

I am kind of in love with Crystal Castles.

Fashion Carnival said...

i love the song by Crystal Castles, excelent for this night! I gotta see the video!! cheers

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