"mark that under who gives a shit"

thank you ece, for sending me a link that embodies most things that get me going:

don draper, fern allergies, fingering jokes, bearded greeks that specialize in absurdist humor, don draper and don draper.

stewart turkeylink.


emilie and emily said...


Aviva said...

I mean the only thing that could be more awesome than these two men in a room together, between two ferns, would be if you could morph them into one superdude with nothing more than your laptop and the prayers of every vagina on earth.

It could be a documentary about us called Weird Science III and we'd get to show Don off at our awesome house party, so that everyone who thought we were total dweebs in school will totally realize we're like, fully bonable, especially after you stand up to the a-hole cretan who rode his motorcycle into our parents' livingroom - as if!

and then someone accidentally drove onto the freeway and we all screamed.


this made my monday. infinite.
sneezing in don draper's crotch.....
i could only be so lucky


edgecakes said...

i mean, it is simultaneous crotch throbs plus laugh snorts. the combination is fantastical. i really want don draper to be my baby daddy. SERIOUSLYYYYY. also, i have to give the real credit to crispiña perfect bangskavitch. she sent me that jazz in the first place. SHARING IS CARING!!!

Stefanie said...

ok I just died.

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