things got busy again all of a sudden..i hate when i can't post all the stuff in my head all the time but sometimes sleep / meals / boys / bros / REAL JOB have to take precedence.

tomorrow i'll get back to real blogging.

i hate to post a third youtube in a row BUT..let's take a moment to enjoy the teenytiny world of connections in what i will call 'girls with bangs' edition

carlen (foxy jewish rosaries i love to gchat with her bangs) and peggy wang (blogger musician who lives on my street bangs) star in a video for the band the pains of being pure at heart which peggy is in with the bf of siri (ringohaveabanana bangs). i'm just blog girl with bangs that has some degree of separation from- and super hearts for- all involved.

cutest song ever. (cutest girls ever!)
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