snowday soundtrack

please. now.
for the love of bass and the baby jesus and the snowglobe that is new york city today:

go to stereogum and download the rolling stones & kanye west remixy-mashup-thing 'lockdown shelter'....it's the way love lockdown SHOULD sound. this is a sexy jam right here.

i will now let this erase the memory of his ABYSMAL recent snl performance. GET IT TOGETHER, K DUBZ.

to whom it may concern...thanks for sending me this.


T-Bonz said...

WAIT - I am listening and am in love, but how do I download it?

I am internet-tarded. please email to me, yo.

jackson said...

That appearance was really bad.
So bad that I was in the middle getting some loving, and we had to stop for a second because we heard it coming from the t.v.
That bad.

Stefanie said...

okay holy shit
Gimme Shelter is like my fave Stones song by 1982108019. And I HATE Love Lockdown. And I motherfucking LOVE THIS.

His SNL appearance was disastrous :(

Valentina said...

This works (against all odds) SO WELL! Love it.

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