that mariah carey christmas song is THE WORST EVER. don't try to convince me.

someone got a new camera for christmas.
don't tell anyone that i told you but that someone is ME.

i also bought myself a christmas dress. it's from the vintage section at american apparel, which is a HUGE FAIL on my part, but it was only 40 dollars and it's obscenely psychedelic.

i mean...look:

you know i have a weakness for retina sear-ers. this had to happen.
i wore it christmas eve and christmas day. my mom was like um..that's very NICE, really, but did you bring anything else to wear? (nopes, sorry mom, but i DID bring other shoes to wear with it..?)
my cousin lauren (who told me she reads this blog- to my surprise. hi lauurrrrrr) told me i looked like a japanese doll. I'LL TAKE IT.

recession + being 30 = TINY CHRISTMAS.
all i wanted was a camera anyways, that's ok by me.

my sister MADE me a skirt (it's awesome, i will take pictures tonight, too lazy now) AND



i don't know, just maybe the best needlepoint EVER?

DIE, I ?!????


tbonz rules.


laia. said...

oh that dress is awesome.
merry christmas lady!

brendan donnelly said...

will she needlepoint me a "go fuck yourself" one?

Enfievre said...

love the dress ! my shoes like that broke after five mins, bummerville.

Anonymous said...

The dress is supercute... but did you just say 'Vintage section at American Apparel'? whaaaat?

Tavi said...

Epic blinding dress, more epic needlepoint. DIE COMMA I x13231

sd said...

i always buy myself gifts
and then get yelled at for not being more frugal w/my cash
the good thing about the holidays
is that it gives me a good excuse
mom: you spent $100 on a pair of shoes!!!
me: but ma!! it's a christmas present to myself!!!
mom: *fumes* FINE!



Six Six Sick said...

The dress is great. I'm such a sucker for eye-searers too...


Fashion Tidbits said...

really? i tend to realize that whenever I hear the "All I want for Christmas is you" song at the stores- it really gets me into the xmas shopping spirit :P

Lauren said...

yesss shoutout!!

s.i. michaels said...

Oh my gosh, I love it. And your blog.

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