this makes me so happy.

i hope everyone's christmas was awesome and full of magicz and presents and meatballs. (what? mine was! yours wasn't?)

so, there is 30 minutes left of jesusday.
since i'm a grownup and can do what i want, i am going to share with you one of my faaaaavorite things:

my childhood excitement about christmas (aside from presents, duhh) was seriously based around watching emmet otter's jug band christmas...they don't show this on the teevee no more, do they?
that makes me sad.
GOOD THING i have THE DVD so i can be a nostalgic nerd whenever i want in the privacy of my OWN HOME. you know what? i'm gonna watch it right now. and you can't stop me.

happy happy happy christmas !


arienette said...

hope your christmas was lovely. xx


my childhood homeslice's mom invited me to see Emmet Otter LIVE in CONCERT! this christmas in New Haven. Heartbreak ensued when i realized that we were heading to Sun Valley the next day, so no could do... i nearly wept.

jug band otters, however, make me smile. just another reason that I know I love you.

Karen Johnson said...

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