this was one of the first "compact discs" i ever bought...

i got it at bleecker bob's. that day i also bought teenage fanclub / bandwagonesque and red hot chili peppers / blood sugar sex magik. i remember the day so well, i went with my dad...haaha, nerd alert. 8th grade retro !!

james / sit down


Iris said...

the first cd i ever owned was DANCE MIX '94, so it sounds like you win. hands down haha.

Hazel said...

the first CD i ever owned was No Doubt's "Rock Steady". that was in 2002!

one of my favorite songs when i was younger was Radio by Teenage Fanclub. it's actually my instant message account, "wakeuptotheradio"

sioux said...

OMGeeee! First CD I ever bought was blood sugar sex magik. I was the coolest girl in the 5th grade. Or so I'd like to believe. The first CD I ever owned was Metallica's black album (thanks dad-though I think he bought it just so he wouldn't have to listen to Paula Abduls "spellbound" any more) ooh, the mems.
Happy Ho Ho. Keep up the hella entertaining blog writin'.

brixpicks said...

Memories.. I went to the red hot chili peppers concert that year with a friend and her dad. ah, to be nerdy and not know it in the 90s!

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