weapons of mass consumption

i need this to happen in my life:

agent provacateur thigh high situations (sluttypretty? just slutty? oopsydoops) and these little black sheer heart betsey johnson thangs- i def had these in 5th grade, by the by.

want, need, must have, theeeeeenks.

from the nyt


Anonymous said...

DAAAH! I was just looking at these pics today!

All about those hearts.

Those thigh high things would never stay up on my thighs. I'd be tugging at them and looking busted all night.

How are uuuu? Sake raincheck soon please!

emily said...

i've seen those english dramas too
i did

Amy said...

I love them. Pretty, not slutty.

laia. said...

omg please get them. the thigh high malarkies could have dubious finales, but not with your awesome genius. i mean, if you wore them with those white nurse shoes it could be the most awesomely bananas situation ever in the history of the universe.

besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

do it.

i want those heart tights BAD.

Anonymous said...

defs owned those heart tights circa 1992, and i would love love love for it to happen again.

Enfievre said...

perfs holiday eliz!!

Anonymous said...

Totally hot. Slutty pretty all the way.

Eyeliah said...

Love those too wow!

Meg said...

I love tights. And I think you can go either way on the agent provacateur, depending on what you pair it with.

WendyB said...


Penny said...

ahhh those heart polka dot ones are amazing! i need them in my possession now!!

dirtyflaws said...

yowzaa - love these

brendan donnelly said...

damn, i love a nice set of stems.

i went to agent provacateur with an ex a long time ago and asked if they were hiring. the girl said no and my girlfriend said i was a pervert.

NB said...

I got some lace tights I love at H&M. But tell me, how do you wear them during the day without making them too dressy or slutastic?

wool and misc said...

pretty slutty.

suzy sauvage said...

holy hell, i covet!!

ma baker said...

does anyone know where to get the heart tights???

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