whatever you like. seriously.

dear T.I.

hiii. hi.
listen, i can't really explain why you've taken over my musical interludes so completely in recent days.
maybe it's cuz i'm from jersey. maybe its cuz i have secret thug love.

all i know is that you are crazay hot and i like it.
call me.

ps, don't tell aviva about us. she'll be jelz.
pps sorry veevs...loveyoumeanitswear


dblack said...


laia. said...



(dear god i hope youve picked up a bit of puertorican spanish in your life haha)

White Lightning said...



T-Bonz said...

When I sent you that text that said "is it ok that the gym has made me addicted to bad music?" what did you think I was referring to???

TI, Britney, Finger Eleven (the WORST), the list goes on and on...

Anonymous said...

I live in ATL and i am a white girl obsessed!! glad to hear someone else is too...he's SO HOT!!

Aviva said...

wow. you just entered my cypher (I'm hip hop now ps) and here you go trying to steal my man while im trying to steal him from his wifey. shit aint right crackah!

brendan donnelly said...

he is 28 and has 6 kids from different women. he also lost his virginity at age 11.

i love him even more now.

aisha said...

i love him..he is offcially my husband

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