who doesn't love a handsome irishman?

cool hunting is giving away 2 of brendan's new tee shirts !

go enter, what else are you doing anyway?

if you aren't lady luck just get over it and BUY ONE ALREADY...shit is next level personified.


Aviva said...

1) I want a Scottish boyfriend, as pronounced publicly on my Facebook profile.

2) Brendan says he is going to give me one of those pups for getting them on Refinery29 but I forgot until I just saw this post. Which one should I get? Seriously, which one? I can't decide!!

What? Oh, hi boss. Yeah I'll be there in a second. No I'm not on some blog trying to lose my job. I'm totally working, see?

brendan donnelly said...

I WanT ThaT kuTE irISh Man Az My BoyfriND! HE is So HotT! LOL LOL OMG OMG!! wHat f hE rEadZ thIs? Im sOoo EmbAraSsED!! CAn u eMAle hiM 4 mE aNd puT In a GooD wErd?

ps, aviva all ya gotta do is call me duder.

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