die comma i or die comma why?

so, i am assuming we all saw on these here internets that there are zoe / i die / bananas tees coming out?

ya know, this one:

it's fine. it's GOOD, but it's not...how do you say...making me die?
it's not...what i am FEELING.

it isn't getting the POINT ACROSS in the way that i want.
THIS is what i want:

so brendan..can you make me a present or what?

yes, i made this.
yes, i went to art school.
yes, i am gainfully employed in the graphic design realm..jealous??


InnyVinny said...

I vote for the whiskey stained sweatshirt!

E.K. said...

It hits a little to close to Warhol for me, which is never good in this day and age. There are a lot of fruits out there in the world. Why not grapes or watermelon?

Leah said...


Bellwether said...

Lady Lightning, I'd buy one of yours!

Tavi said...

Mmm, I'm not really feeling it either. You should make the second one and I'll make YSL tees and then we'll open up a shop and sell them together!

microtard said...

Am I old or do I totally not get the "i die. bananas" shirt?

Sarah said...

i die.
i would buy one of those creations in a heartbeat.

brooke said...

hahaha, genius. well done!!

<3 brooke

Tricia said...

belushi and the jack win every time.

brendan donnelly said...

i'm on it.

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