dream weaverz

ohhh whoa, i tooootally forgot to tell you guys, DREAMS DO COME TRUE, you just gotta believe.

case in point: laia was looking to unload my DREAM SHOE and we are the same size and she is awesome and sold them to me so we could finally be together. prise jah.

life is beautiful.

i felt all monochrome the other day and busted out an outfit that my friend andreas called "very third grade picture day"

i truly look like i'm eight years old.

red on red on redddddd
red corduroy jumper (the label is 'miss lizz' !! haha) thrift from forevvvvs ago, red wool APC tights, red CHLOE STOMPERS. so sick. so so sick.

crazy vint dress/tunic as shirt

i love my bedroom in the morning light. please note one of my prized possessions, my naked lady paint-by-number up there in the top right corner. dunno if you can make her out too well, but she is def in the throes of SOMETHIN. saucy!

thanks again, laia..i wear ALL THE TIME.


Sarah Von Bargen said...

I can see the third-grade picture reference. But only in the cutest and most stylish way!

Michelle said...

So awesome, esp with those chloe booties.

Tavi said...

KILLIN ittttt. Best monochrome outfit ever.

InnyVinny said...

I am beaming for you. Now if I could be met with the same fortune for the combat Chloes, all would be right with the world.

Sbrilli said...

lalalalove! You should wear your hair up more. It looks money.

E.K. said...

Yes! The red on red looks nice.

Oh, and thanks for the comment on my collages, I'll let you know when the book is finished.

laia. said...

so happy i could make YOU happy
haha that sounded insanely creepy.

Eyeliah said...

Oh yeah, I love this childlike look, adorable!!

Anonymous said...

I was answering the 'describe your style' question for an interview the other day and wrote "humm a giant child and sexy, a sexy child!"...had to delete it then. BUT the hot kid look is so in! you're working it xo

Isabel said...

Fashion fate!!!! I love when shit like that happens. :)

E. said...

I do matchy-matchy outfits all the time!

Love the shoes. I've been drooling over the sunshine yellow ones myself.

Holly said...

love your blog. sounds trite, but you are fucking funny. and loove that tunic.

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