excuse me while i kiss the sky

it's waaayyy too fucking EARLYBALLS to be AWAKE on a SUNDAY. knowwhatahmsayin?

but i am because i am leaving on an amtrak to the district o columbia, ohhh you know WASHINGTON, DC.

i have no idea what the hell we are doing while i am there, besides OBAMA FREAKOUTS.
so mabes i'll be bloggin, mabes i won't? no idea.


in the meantime, in between time, why don't you watch this?

$ 240 dollars worth of pudding

listen up, you YOUNGSTERS..when i was in my early years of high school COMEDY was called MTV'S THE STATE and it was (is) the BEST THING EVER. i have a bootlegged DVD made form a VHS and god damn if i dont watch that shit often. you may recognize them all from wet hot american summer and reno 911.



Anonymous said...

I totally liked that Little Jakob in GTA IV was subtitled "nahmean". And now guess what it meant ^^

(and yes, this is a direct answer to your post)

Bellwether said...

have fun in the d.o.c.!
It's not New York but we do have some great shops/restaurants/bars. Like marvin at 14th and U - to quote you, it's awesomesauce!

Eri said...

Hello ,
I came across you blog, found interesting and very cute by the way.
Please come and visit mine too!
Is a fun and creative blog inspired by Portobello Road, London.
I Hope you enjoy.

french & wrong said...

i love how you wrote "excuse me while i kiss the sky". really cute line.
oh yeah, visit my blog too!

Isabel said...

Have an amazing time - you are so FREAKING lucky!

L I L Y said...

Wow if I had a rich uncle I would so fly across the world from Auz to be there hint hint any rich generous person ;)

Enfievre said...

i hate every episode of the state on tape. definitely the best show of all time.

meg said...

i just think that you should know this exists:

bananaz r us.

TeachMallon said...

um...i would like to borrow that DVD. please.

meg said...

you also know that it is now available on itunes? like 9 bones for the first season, FYI

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