from the mixed-up files of mrs. basil e. frankweiler*

a little while ago david spent an afternoon at the met shooting the band au revoir simone.

so dreamy, no?
i love the colors so much.

sidenote, WHAT IS THIS JACKET? need it, now, theeenks.
so not a question i can ask dave. he'd be like ummm, what now?

since the world is small small teensy small, i didn't realize til recently that one of the girls in the band was my cousin's roommate at parsons yearsssss ago.
everyone knows everyone, believe it.

in other music news:
the walkmen will be on conan tonight...and they're playing 'in the new year'..YESSSS.
dvr that shiz, yo!

* must read again, this weekend.


E.K. Wimmer said...

I almost got one of the girls to sing a track on my next E.P., but they are too busy with their new album. I was bummed, maybe next time.

xo, tara said...

Hey little lady! I just happen to know (since I was there too!) that powder-blue suit is Agnes B. <3

alissa said...

ohhh that book is wonderful!

Lily said...

The jacket it really cute

white lightning said...

ooh RIGHT, the infamous blog small world connection! thanks tara!!!!

lisa butterworth said...

love, love, and love.

AFitz said...

Aaaahhh I love Au Revoir Simn so. much. I actually got to talk to their manager for [a really little] bit when I wrote about them for the first Prim. I love the skirt on the far left in the first one.

Lila said...

Actually the baby blue suit is Philip Lim....Resort 2009 I believe.
100% percent
: )

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