i can't.

i need to know so much.
first of all.
have you ever seen so much EYEWEAR in your life?

this is like...brain overload.

what do karl and kanye talk about? my guesses:
airplane food
hand sanitizers
finding good help these days
hot stone massage
gossip girl
the stock market

what else? tell me. i need some laughs


Unknown said...

cash, mary-kate?, marc jacobs

Unknown said...

they would also talk about bitches with booties(asses and the silver chanel kind)

isabella whitney said...

i think you hit the nail on the head.

perhaps making a love lockdown inspired line.

laia. said...

what's better a whopper or a big mac? (karl eats them without the bread, but he loves that mcd's secret sauce)

InnyVinny said...


absolutely not said...

here are a few subjects i feel they would touch upon:
1. time travel
2. harnessing nuclear power for use in the creative process
3. being "red" in a world of "grey"
4. extreme dieting
5. the movie "white chicks"
6. kafka's early work
7. russian gangsta rap

T-Bonz said...

I can't even BEGIN to pretend I know how to follow that shit up, but I will gander to say:

1 - Paris (pronounced Pair-ee)
2 - Slash's top hat
3 - the olsen twins
4 - ribbons
5 - robitripping

laia. said...

also: the genius of ace of base's "the sign"

Hazel said...

"How to REALLY screw up your last SNL performance"
"the proper way to clean your Louis Vuitton underwear"
"how Karl really has no eyes. the glasses are pretty important..."

PpPpPpPa said...

thai designers


brooke said...

hahaha, you seriously crack me up every time I go to your blog...

gossip girl. freaking hilarious.

I cant even follow that up... i got nothin.

Brooke xx

hard liquor; soft holes said...

(1) favorite song from "Rent"
(2) which soundtrack of "Rent" is better: Original Cast Recording or Motion Picture Recording.

E.K. said...

Leather chaps and Judas Priest

Alice X said...

this is really hilarious:) love the blog!

Kylie said...

HA! Love it. I saw a pic of "Kanye's Posse" somewhere else too, not with Karl though! Priceless.
Topics of discussion?
Picture frames
Lint from the dryer
The pain of being so cool [astheyhinktheyare]
Doctor Suess
Potato Skins

hmstrjam said...

the falling price of real estate in Austria, both are looking for a McCastle

Isabel said...

I wonder if they bond over a mutual dislike for shedding animal hair and small children?

brendan donnelly said...

i like kanye's black guy mullet he's rocking these days

Jane said...

Lol that was a funny post. love it. They must surely be talking about sunglasses too right?

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Ian Brown said...

I feel like they're trying to out accessorize one another. Do you think they read Hypebeast and Selectism?

July Stars said...

I love that Kanye refers to himself as "Martin Louie the King Jr" ...

Paige said...

seriously...this crew is too much for me. I just want to stare at them/listen to them all the time. pure craziness



Non Faux said...

hahahahah! i'm trying to picture Karl and Kanye talking about gossip girl. hahahahahahahah

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