i warn you, i have a face made for anonymous blogging

so..remember a couple weeks ago when dblack was on marc horowitz's 24/7 talk show?


well my 15 seconds of internet teevee fame comes tonight. i have NO IDEA if this will work at ALL, but tonight, at 8 PM eastern / 5 PM west coast steez, i will be on marc's show. via my livingroom.

as posted on his site, talkshow247:
5pm: Elizabeth Spiridakis of http://www.feelslikewhitelightning.blogspot.com/ . Talking about her blog, her life, and Franz Klein
i have no idea what i'm gonna talk about.
i have never even used a webcam before. (true story)
i won't even have crazy mr black around to be the loco distraction because he is currently out of town photographing AMURRRICA, aka NOT AROUND.

i hope to be somewhat amusing? tune in to hear my somewhat embarrassing laugh (it's been compared to bart simpson's- VERY SEXY!) aaaaand...my thoughts on god knows what.


geri hirsch said...

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee amazing! totally turning in at 5 from work. tapped out friday!

Iris said...

arrrg i missed it by mere moments! as i came on it was all "bye Elizabeth!" boooo

Stefanie said...


that was sort of a creepy joke sorry

rose said...

whoo hoo! good job on there last night Elizabeth!
i've been stalking your blog for evah. i feel weird finally commenting, but i HAD to give you some props.

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